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Carver Cathey

COO/Founder and CEO of Liqwid Music Group

Carver Cathey sits a COO of Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment LLC. and his experience within the music industry as a whole dates back to 2009 where he established his label Black Reign. Through his label Carver garnished a total of 4 Billboard #1's throughout the course of 7 years before personal matters called him to take a step back in 2016. In 2020 upon dissolving his label and meeting Brian Moore II, the two would go on to partner in solidifying the establishment of Ollywop once they formed their LLC in March of 2021. Carver has since ventured back into the realm of label management with the formation of Ollywop's label division, Liqwid Music Group.


  • Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures

  • Sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth

  • Establishes policies that promote Ollywop's culture and vision

  • Oversees daily operations of the company and the work of all it's executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)

  • Leads employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication

  • Evaluates performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics

  • Assists CEO in all capital ventures

  • Participates in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.)

Carver Cathey
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