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With A Child On The Way.... Soulja "Boy" Has To Step Up And Be Soulja "Man"

Soulja Boy once prayed to be blessed with a son, and it looks like his prayers are being answered.

On Saturday (March 19), the 31-year-old rapper shared an Instagram video of himself and his partner at a baby reveal party.

As soon as the blue confetti and colored powder exploded, Soulja Boy started jumping up and down before running over to the baby’s mother to give her a hug. With a giant smile plastered across his face, he then gives her a kiss as they continue to celebrate. His excitement was palpable in the caption as well. “It’s a boy!!” he wrote.

Soulja Boy first expressed his desire to be a father in September 2021 when he wrote in his Instagram Stories, “I have everything I want in life except for a son. God, please bless me I’ve been patient.” While Big Draco was inundated with congratulatory remarks, he was also reminded about his failed relationship with Nia Riley, the daughter of musical legend Teddy Riley, however the growth between the two seems REAL!

How do y'all feel about the congratulatory news on behalf of Big Draco? Let us know in the comments!

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