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WATCH: The First Trailer for Upcoming Eddie Murphy Comedy ‘You People’

Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Nia Long, Lauren London and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star in upcoming Kenya Barris-directed Netflix comedy You People.

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill face off in upcoming Netflix comedy film You People. On Monday (December 5), Netflix released a humorous first trailer for the Kenya Barris-directed movie, which premieres in January. Also in the clip is Nia Long, who portrays the wife of Murphy’s character, as the two interrogate Hill’s character for his relationship with their daughter, Amira, played by Lauren London. Also in the film is Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame.

“So, you wanna marry my daughter?” Murphy asks.

“Yes. Yes, I do,” Hill responds.

Unmoved, Murphy responds, “So, do you hang out in the hood all the time or do you just come up here for our food and women?”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Long spoke about You People being one of two film projects that she’s releasing in 2023.

“I’ve been wanting to work with Eddie Murphy my entire life and I’ve never gotten the job,” she said.

The actress, who also stars in Peacock limited series, The Best Man: The Final Chapters this month, also discussed Barris directing You People.

“I really think that what he does for Black people in this industry is cutting-edge. It’s perfectly inappropriate,” she said. “It makes you think, it makes you laugh. It makes you go, ‘This guy is crazy.’ But the crazy is where we find the truth, and I respect him for that.”

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