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WATCH: Maxo Kream Returns With Madlib-Produced Single”48″

Maxo has released a new Madlib-produced single “48” featuring Pink Siifu from his forthcoming sophomore album 'Even God Has A Sense Of Humor'.

Maxo is back with new single “48,” tagging producer and collaborator Pink Siifu to join him on the cathartic track. The black and white Vincent Haycock-directed music video for “48” sees the Los Angeles rapper losing control of his body before connecting with his family and Siifu towards the end of the clip.

“48” will be featured on Maxo’s forthcoming sophomore album Even God Has A Sense Of Humor, with a press release for the album saying it will arrive “soon.” In 2021, the rapper appeared on Siifu-assisted track “Holy Hell” from The Alchemist’s This Thing of Ours, but Maxo’s new album will follow his 2019 debut Lil Big Man which featured LIVE, Lojii and Siifu. In a 2020 interview with Cultured Mag, the rapper discussed first meeting Siifu at Poo-Bah Record Shop in Pasadena.

“He’s the type of person where, everybody f*** with him,” he said about Siifu. “By being around him, I met so many of the people in my life now.”

Earlier in the interview, the Lil Big Man rapper shared his photogenic approach to music, based on the concepts of observation and healing.

“When I make songs, I feel like all the music is just a moment in time, and then that’s the project,” Maxo explained. “A lot of the stories on Lil Big Man and Smile are speaking to the cycles of things and how I, looking from over here, see things,”

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