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WATCH: Dave Chappelle Brings Back Tyrone Biggums & Rick James for ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit

Dave Chappelle brought back one of his most famous Chappelle’s Show characters for a Saturday Night Live skit.

Sometimes, you have to bring back the classics.

Dave Chappelle just finished hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time of his career. Not counting the monologue — which was great — the highlight of the show was Chappelle and SNL mocking the new Game of Thrones spinoff show, House of Dragons.

Chappelle started the skit by saying:

“I am the biggest Game of Thrones fan, I love the new show. And I gotta tell you, I love that they are including Black characters but, to be honest, the Black characters — they take me out a little bit with the old time accents, it’s a little jarring like where are these people from.”

He then “previewed” the second season of House of Dragons, which mostly mocked the diversity of the show. The skit featured cast regulars like Chloe Fineman, Michael Longfellow, and Kenan Thompson. There was also a special appearances from Ice-T and Donnell Rawlings. However, the most hilarious part of the skit was appearances from iconic Chappelle’s Show characters like Rick James and Tyrone Biggums.

This is the second time these characters have made an appearance on SNL. The first time Chappelle hosted SNL, which was in 2016, Biggums and a bunch of classic Chappelle’s Show characters spoofed another famous show,The Walking Dead.

Check out Chappelle’s take on House of the Dragon below.

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