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Vogue is Suing Drake & 21 Savage Over Fake Issue Cover

Drake and 21 Savage are reportedly being sued by Vogue over fake magazine issues released to promote their new collaborative album Her Loss.

Her Loss is Vogue‘s gain. Less than one week after Drake and 21 Savage released faux Vogue issues as part of their troll-worthy Her Loss rollout, the fashion publication has announced that they’ll be suing the pair. Apparently, the rappers misled fans into believing that Vogue would be dropping a special Her Loss edition.

According to legal documents seen by TMZ, Conde Nast, which owns Vogue says that neither the publication or editor-in-chief Anna Wintour agreed to the arrangement, although Drizzy thanked Wintour for approving the issue. However, on Tuesday (November 8), Conde Nast and Wintour said that they “have not endorsed” the album “in any way,” and have asked both Champagne Papi and The Slaughter King to remove Her Loss promo with Vogue‘s title. The media company is also requesting $4 million in damages.

According to sources close to TMZ, Drake is confused by the lawsuit.

Most entities have not been offended by the Her Loss rollout, which included “appearances” on Saturday Night Live, ColorsxStudios, NPR Tiny Desk and The Howard Stern Show. In fact, 68-year-old Stern complimented Drizzy for doing “a good job” on the strategic album release.

“He did this kinda interesting thing: instead of doing a press tour, he made up a fake press tour and released it. … And then he even put out a clip of me interviewing him,” Stern said on his SirusXM radio show. “He edited himself in to look like he’s in our studio, and he’s answering questions from me using clips from a different interview. … Drake did such a good job that the news outlets are reporting on it as if it’s real.”

The show then cut to a clip of Good Day Atlanta reporting on Drake’s interview with Howard Stern, believing it to be real.

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