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VIP Records Announces Partnership with Ollywop's Liqwid Music Group

Ollywop have opened the flood gates on it's new label division....Liqwid Music Group has officially been activated

Today, VIP Records announces a new partnership with Liqwid Music Group. Based in Tennessee, Liqwid is known for discovering talent. Liqwid will scout talent for distribution on projects we’ll co-promote.

"Liqwid Music Group is thrilled to announce this monumental and ground-breaking partnership with V.I.P. Records and Empire. We’ve been working for over a year to deliver the best-in-class Music experience for passionate music lovers all over the world and look forward to innovative and unique content from all types of independent artists. With the strong support of the V.I.P/Empire ecosystem, Liqwid Music Group is poised to help evolve the entire music industry."

Carver Cathey, Founder/CEO of Liqwid Music Group

The first 2 releases are self-titled EPs from singers Jamine Shakur and Christopher Duncanson scheduled to release Friday, February 3rd. They will be available in all major stores worldwide through Empire Distribution.

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