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UPCOMING SHOW: TONIGHT on The Ryan Show FM!! Starts At 9/10 PM (CST/ET)

For all of you who know, it's that time of the week, and for those of you who are new to the movement and now stumbling across this gem, it's Thursday, and here at Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment, that means it's almost that time for another weeks episode of a staple listen within the WOP-community; The Ryan Show FM airing on The Moe Betta 99 and Lux Music Radio of Chicago. In this year's first dive into he rabbit hole of the cosmos, the fellas aim to start 2022 off with a BANG!

On tonight's episode, in a legendary manner, and in true TRS fashion, @darealmrcheeks132 reunites with his historic hip hop group, live on air! After 17 years in, @ogspiggnicelbfam is home free and him and the fellas have a lot to catch us up on. @louielbf gives us a never before heard story, Spigg cracks jokes like old times & Cheeks keeps the party going, which can only mean that the #LostBoyz are indeed back again.

Part 2 of our program will see @ryanverneuille sit down for a solo interview with @freakykah where no stones were left un turned. We get into new music, stories of old and much more as tonight's episode definitely promises to start the year off with as much love, peace and nappiness as humanly possible. Yea, you read that right.

Tune-in TONIGHT at 10pm ET for a 2-hour ride to let your mind glide.

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