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Tweet Vault: Megan Thee Stallion & Shenseea's 'LICK' Collab Dubbed 'Bootleg WAP'

"If you listened to lick by shenseea and megan thee stallion you may be entitled to compensation"

Megan Thee Stallion and Jamaican dancehall star Shenseea got fans worked up into a frenzy when they announced their very first collaboration, “Lick,” earlier this week. However, what was supposed to be a momentous occasion ended up being a boring, uneventful affair as fans didn’t embrace the song with open arms once it dropped today (January 21).

The “Lick” duo unleashed the official music video for their collaborative effort on Friday, but that did very little to move fans as many felt Megan and Shenseea were copying off the Houston Hottie’s infamous collab with Cardi B titled “WAP.” For starters, the video has a bunch of sexual imagery in the same lane as “WAP” with Megan and Shenseea strutting their backsides and getting cozy with one another. Take a look for yourself before we continue in the official video below.

If you're like fans who had been anticipating the collab, then you too weren’t sold on the song nor the music video. In typical fashion of our social-media ruled society, fans proceeded to let their voices be heard via their platforms, with one fan amassing nearly one thousand likes showcasing a list detailing everything that was wrong with the song-- such as Shenseea’s lackluster verse and the music video being a “bootleg copy of WAP.” Another person clocked in at almost 500 likes at the time of this article with a tweet calling for people to get compensation for listening to “Lick” on their respective devices.

Despite her name becoming a trending topic on Twitter, fans were extremely disappointed with Shenseea’s output on the song, especially when she proved her worth with her scene-stealing verse on Kanye West’s “Ok Ok pt 2” off Donda.

On the other hand, Megan is dealing with rumors of a breakup from her boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine. Things were going smoothly until Meg didn’t post a birthday shoutout for Pardi and deleted all their pictures together on Instagram. Pardi took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday (January 18) to finally address the rumors surrounding his relationship with the Hot Girl.

“Stop this cap nobody puttin hands on nobody …(At least not in that way),” he wrote. “Been seein the break up rumors and was lettin y’all imaginations run ..but y’all gettin too crazy … .ain’t give n-ggas a story so they made one … we really been on it double time.”

Check out more fan reactions to Megan Thee Stallion and Shenseea’s new music video for “Lick.”

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