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Trey Songz’s Rape Civil Case Has Been Dismissed

The civil rape case against R&B singer Trey Songz has been dismissed due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

R&B vocalist Trey Songz has had his civil rape case dismissed. According to Rolling Stone, the singer’s accuser “Jane Doe” missed the October 19 deadline to rebuttal Songz’s claim that the statute of limitations expired on her original allegations before filing a complaint. Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, faced allegations of raping Doe during a March 2016 party, with Doe seeking $20 million in damages and calling the artist a “savage rapist” following their once-consensual relationship.

On Tuesday (November 1), Doe’s lawyer, George Vrabeck, was absent from a Los Angeles hearing, thus prompting the judge to rule in Songz’s favor. Previously, Vrabeck requested that the court dismiss the case, but refiled the lawsuit two days later with an additional negligence claim.

“The court finds (Neverson’s) argument persuasive, and plaintiff was required to present argument and facts to show that the pleading defect can be cured. Because plaintiff did not file an opposition, plaintiff has not met her burden. The court finds the action to be time-barred,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Shirley K. Watkins wrote in her decision. Neverson’s lawyer has since argued that his client is innocent.

“Even if plaintiff’s allegations are true – and defendant vehemently maintains they are not – plaintiff’s claims are facially time-barred under the applicable two-year statute of limitations,” Neverson’s paperwork, filed by his lawyer Randall M. Awad, read.

Still, Neverson faces other sexual assault allegations. In April of this year, a woman named Megan Johnson sought a $5 million settlement, accusing Neverson of exposing her breasts by pulling down her bathing suit top at a 2013 party. In late 2021, basketball player Dylan Gonzalez also accused the singer of rape, which she says gave her “unbearable PTSD.”

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