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Tory Lanez Stops Fight At Concert By Singing To Arguing Fans

After Travis Scott's 'Astroworld Fest' incident, artists are becoming much more aware during live shows of what is happening in their audiences. It is true that performers interact with the crowd as they feed off of the energy of their fans, but the tradgedy that occured in Houston has forced artists to become hyper aware of their surroundings.

In recent weeks, we've seen artists taking the time to stop their show in order to check on their fans who seem to be in trouble in the crowd, but Tory faced a different problem when a fight broke out during his performance.

The singer-rapper is of his 1980s capsule 'Alone At Prom' and as usual, Lanez has been taking to stages to help hype the record. A TikTok user shared the moment as Lanez addressed the scuffle by singing to those involved (shown below).

"Please, no fighting," Tory sings to the crowd. "While I'm singing this sh*t, no fighting." Then, he went from belting out instructions to telling them to stop throwing hands. "Tell my man right there no fighting. Aye, c'mon. No fighting." He went back to singing, and this time touched on his legal issues.

"I'm already dealing with enough sh*t. I'm already dealing with some tough sh*t. I'm not trying to catch another casein this b*tch. Just chill," he sang.

How do you guys feel that Tory handled the situation? Let us know in the comments.

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