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The Wildest Reactions to The Death of Queen Elizabeth on Twitter

In the hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth was announced, Twitter became an unending scroll of dark and sharply irreverent humor.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-ruling monarch in British history, died this afternoon. She was 96 years old. And while her passing was acutely felt in parts of the UK, the grieving doesn’t appear to have crossed the pond.

In fact, the Queen’s death has inspired some incredibly dark jabs at The Royal Family and their mourning subjects. Some cited Britain’s still resonant colonial imprint. Others commented on the stark difference between how Brits and Americans are processing the Queen’s death. And others took shots at just how long the Queen ruled and how much of modern human history took place while she was on the throne. Then there are those simply being irreverent for the sake of it, which is turning Twitter into an amazing place to spend some time if the Queen’s death doesn’t mean all that much to you.

To be clear, there’s a pretty broad spectrum of sentiments being expressed on social media right now. It’s not just resentment and it isn’t entirely at the expense of The Royal Family. American celebrities are going through the motions and formalities, extending their sympathies to the UK. But the American public, on the other hand, is having a field day.

Read some of the wildest reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II to land on Twitter below.

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