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The Numbers Are In: You're Mealnin...Is Worth More Than Gold!

In March 2014 we first observed melanin worth more than gold. This is still true eight years later.

The dollar value of melanin has increased twice in 2022. Since March 2014 melanin has increased in value twelve times. In January 2022 melanin was worth $481 a gram. That meant melanin was worth $420 a gram more than gold which stood at $61 at that date and time. As of May 13, 2022, we've observed an increase. At present, melanin is worth exactly $500 a gram!!! That means melanin is worth over $441.74 a gram (give or take) more than gold today. That represents an increase of $21 in just about five months.

A gram of gold is currently worth $56.05, an increase in value of $11.93. Gold skyrocketed in June 2020 by over two hundred dollars a gram and has yet to be returned to pre-2020 levels. Meanwhile, melanin is still worth $440+/ gram more than gold. Gold increased in value more in 2020 than ever in the seven years since we first learned melanin is worth more than that, although the media has bombarded us with relentless propaganda declaring 2020 was horrific year for gold, with no exceptions.

Efforts to conceal melanin’s dollar value

An effort has been underway attempting to deceive us about melanin. We first noticed the Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend after a published blog post revealing that melanin is worth more than gold in June 2014. Back then melanin was only worth $353 a gram. That was exactly $300 a gram more than gold. A group of cowardly Twitter users launched a Melanin Twitter bomb aimed at African American women and girls in particular, and people of African ancestry on March 24, 2017. That operation seemed intended to convince people the Missing D.C. Girls were missing because of melanin. It also triggered publication of the book “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold.”

Scholars have generated over 300,000 articles involving melanin in some way, shape, form or fashion. Yet, to date, Melanin deniers have put more effort into concealing and obfuscating melanin is worth more than gold than anything else. And then you have the melanin myths. Most notable in 2020 was the myth melanin is carbon, which is easily disposed of by pointing out that carbon is not worth more than gold.

At least three websites have sprung up since 2014 attempting to redirect people searching for melanin having a dollar value. Unlike those other websites we not only aim for the recognition that melanin has a dollar value more than gold. We also realized a connection exists between melanin and the Red, Black, and Green flag of the Black population, at home and abroad.

Seeing good and perfection in ourselves

People incapable of seeing good in melanin are rigidly resisting the shift in awareness and perception underway. Achieving “enheightenment” through whichever method you deem fit, demands we let go of our limitations. Knowing about melanin gives elevated awareness upon those willing to attain it.

Flexibility, or psychological flexibility, as we sometimes refer to it, is the ability to adapt to situational demands, balance life demands, and commit to behaviors. Being flexible is a trait of entities prepared for change. People who resist change are rigid. In psychology, rigidity or mental rigidity refers to an obstinate inability to yield or a refusal to appreciate another person’s viewpoint or emotions characterized by a lack of empathy.

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