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The GTA 6 Reddit Community Predicts The Game's Future Unveiling, Trailer, & Screenshots To-Be

A gamer on the GTA 6 Reddit community thread has created a chart full of their predictions as to when we can expect the GTA 6 trailer, unveiling and release dates, as well as when we will see official screenshots.

And, as can be seen in the chart, which can be viewed in full below, there's plenty to get excited about, including a full GTA 6 announcement and trailer dropping this year.

The chart was created by GTA 6 Reddit community member OK-Crow8060, and covers a three-year period from today in 2022. This year we see predictions for a GTA 6 announcement and the game's first trailer, while in 2023 we see a prediction for another trailer and the publication of official screenshots. Finally, in 2024, we see a trailer, launch trailer and release date called.

As to how accurate these predictions are gamers replying to the post's thread seem to feel these are actually quite accurate predictions, with user AnonymousScout360 for example stating that, "I actually agree with this and think it's reasonable".

Here at Ollywop Radio Network Ent. we honestly don't now know when GTA 6 is going to be announced or released right now as there has been so much conflicting information. The timespan laid out here by OK-Cros8060 seems reasonable, and does match up with some of the rumors we've seen reported, but equally so much is unknown and there are so many variables at play that it could end up being entire months or even years off. Our position here at Ollywop is really this, though. We don't mind how long it takes to make GTA 6 providing that Rockstar actually deliver. And by deliver we mean make a game that fixes GTA V's numerous flaws.

What should Rockstar do to deliver such a game that would lead to GTA 6 being a 10/10 title, as well as some seriously smart innovations that would take open world games to a new level of awesomeness? Let us know in the comments.

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