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Symba Is In Agreeance With Wiz Khalifa's Latest Sentiments; "TIME FOR RAP TO GROW UP!!!"

It's been beyond time for the genre of Hip Hop to take a stance on upgrading the aesthetics

Hip hop is currently in another bling era, but Wiz Khalifa recently hurt a lot of feelings by declaring rappers being dripped in jewelry was going outta style -- but his younger contemporary, Symba, couldn't agree more.

TMZ got the Atlantic Records rapper's take on Wiz's comments outside Dash Radio on Tuesday and he thinks hip hop culture ditching the big chains is a sign of maturity.

Symba has empathy for the newer rappers who haven't gotten the opportunity to enjoy the spoils of their success just yet, but echoes the thoughts of Hitmaka, DJ Envy and many others ... saying they need security to avoid becoming targets.

Wiz also slammed rappers who felt lame without the shiny jewels, and Symba feels rappers are identified by looks more than music these days ... but that needs to change ASAP. He says some rappers are even masters of style but losers in sound!!!

Symba says jewelry getting phased out is all about "timing," a message he reiterates in new music -- he and DJ Drama just released their "Results Take Time" mixtape.

Symba also dropped his "Can't Win For Nothing" video which is all about taking the road less traveled, AKA the slow lane.

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