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Roddy Ricch Blows Up On Clubhouse After L.A. Crip Accuses Him Of "False Flagging"

According to recent reports, and the whirlwind of social media it looks as if Roddy Ricch has gotten into a back forth with a reported Crip from L.A. by the name of Yah-L

Apparently there have been allegations circulating around the rooms of the Clubhouse app insinuating that Roddy Ricch is "false flagging", bringing Roddy to confront the L.A. Crip Yah-L about the rumors. "I got phone calls, text messages, I'm seeing on the internet I'm false flagging. I wanna know what's going on," says Roddy.

"Who's sayin' I'm not from the hood? You saying I’m not from the hood?!” he added. When Yah-L stood his ground, Roddy continued to let him have it. “I'm asking you a question... You ain’t see me get put on to Blacc Macc?... Alright, champ, three n*ggas, put two of them down, that ain’t official? I know a lot of little homies that ain’t get their official, n*gga.”

Yah-L tells him to watch his tone, but Roddy didn't care and they continued to talk over one another. “You ever touched a million dollars? I'm asking you a question. You ever touched a million dollars before?” Roddy asked. "I'm asking you do you know what that feel like? ‘Cause you here talking about another n*gga for free. Laughing. You laughing and I'm asking you a question."

The typically mild-mannered emcee also added that Yah-L was trying to tear him down without mentioning all that Roddy has done for his community. Roddy also listed off names of people from the hood who have moved up the industry ladder with him and have gone on to form their very own companies. Roddy also refuted that he was avoiding Compton, saying he shot all his music videos there until his debut album and was there so often that his label told him he had to leave and film somewhere else.

"I done made $20 million in a year, you think I'm 'bout to be posted up with you, n**ga?!" Watch the video above and let us know what you feel about these claims in the comments below!

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