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Quavo Speaks On The Future Of The Migos

Quavo says that every member of the Migos has to "establish themselves" otherwise, "you start losing members.”

Quavo spoke about the future of the Migos during a new interview with GQ, telling the outlet that every member has to establish themselves as individuals in their own right for the group to stay as strong as possible. The comments come amid ongoing rumors about a breakup between the three rappers.

“It was all about Migos, Migos, Migos. The three of us,” he said regarding the first decade of the group's career. “I feel like every group member has to establish themselves. Their own body of work. If not, you start losing members.”

He went on to use a football metaphor, stating that he's spent his career drawing up plays for the group, but needs to start focusing on moves for himself.

“I’m a quarterback in life,” he explained. “But now that I want it, I’m just going to show you.”

Quavo says that he also wants to expand his work as a director, mentioning that he'd love to collaborate with Chloe x Halle.

“I would love to do a video for other people if y’all want my vision," he told the outlet.

Rumors of a split between the group began, earlier this year, after Offset unfollowed the other two members on Instagram and then the Migos dropped out of their scheduled performance at Governors Ball in New York City.

Elsewhere interview, Quavo also opened up about his relationship with Saweetie and the infamous video of their 2020 elevator fight. The Migos rapper says he is still frustrated by how people reacted to the clip.

Check out photos from GQ's piece on Quavo below.

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