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Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment Announces 'Duwop' Comics In Association With Dousic Media Group

Duwop Comics' inaugural series of original storytelling told via comic-noire centers around the journey of a formerly enslaved Black man fleeing westward eventually stumbling across the native tribes of Expanse who adept them in their ways. Forming bonds of friendship and love, while combating the darker elements of Ksaahko, Kenneth Goulde will have to balance the 6-directions of life in this overall search for internal redemption.

"Why only constrict yourself to one-lane when you have the entire highway as your oyster?"-- A mindset found to be taboo in a society centered around keeping the masses within in a bubble of perception, Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment continues to aim outside of the box in their thinkings. Now, after continuing to break barriers and molds in radio and music media in support of the indies, CEO and founder Brian K. Moore II eyes yet another demographic that he aims to hone in on in the coming months with the release of his very own original comic series, "Of Chiefs & Men"...a tale set in a paralleled 1898 western-US, centered around a now Chief and formerly enslaved Black man, Kenneth Goulde aka Chief Moe of The North.

A tale that balances the ethics of relationships and honor, "Of Chiefs & Men" received a beta-roll out across forums across the internet as a way for Moore to test the waters of his originated world inspired by a online gaming role-play group that he joined only months prior. Inexperienced in the realms of role play within the gaming world, Ollywop CEO was simply attempting to find ways to release the everyday-stresses of "building an empire". In due-time, Brian would realize the potential in the incredible stories that were being told through simple and fun interaction:

"The depth to the characters of all the individuals I've met whilst gaming within the world of Red Dead Online began to resonate with me over time their own individual ways..."

Combining the idea his newfound love with the simplicity of storytelling via role play, with his old-lost love of creating comics from his adolescence, the idea began to brew:

"Man, I couldn't have pieced these puzzles together better if i tried, this is all God's doing. I mean, to be able to build a platform that not only supports my forever love of music whilst being able to give the less fortunate a simple opportunity to showcase their God-given talents for the world..but to also be able to jump start a passion that i'd felt had died with my God. My Granddad used to tell me, 'when your life comes full circle, you're headed in the right direction', so..."

With the originality of storytelling all but dead in society, "Of Chiefs & Men' brings a spark of hope for both comic enthusiasts and casual readers alike, interweaving the legends of fiction with the facts of truth to combine for an immensely well rounded read:

"I definitely had to do some in-depth research to get the authentic feel of a real world engulfed with cultures, living environments, and historical accuracy that i was looking for to bring my story full-circle. Yea, the art has always been the fun and easier part for me, which you can tell this when you look at my work from my middle-school days (that i just so happen to still keep in the same folder from 20 years ago), so it was the overall story that I've been working on mastering with 'Of Chiefs & Men'."

The first 10-issues are exclusively available for read and download right to your device for a limited time only before the issues will be put on a monthly rotation of 4-new issues per month that will subsequently send the earliest 4 issues to the Duwop Comics vault where they will only be re-released every 10-years:

"The vault concept was definitely intentional, I've already been in the works on getting the digital copies of special editions minted into an NFT just to add that extra 'umph' in collectors value. With that being said, if you're familiar with crypto, the blockchain, NFT's, or anything in the digital currency world, then I'm sure you're aware of the one constant....'the HYPE drives the value'...and i aim to bring as much value as i can to not just "Of Chiefs & Men', but to all things associated with Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment....It's always about the QUALITY over quantity of things on this end."

The reviews across the forums spoke for themselves and Moore saw now as best of any time as ever to showcase the journeys through his mind with the world in this awesome tale of the balance-of-life and honor. Don't forget to head on over to read the official copies and collect your downloaded issue TODAY! Be sure to check back monthly for updated issues and to continue following along in the tale, "Of Chiefs & Men".

"Honestly, this project almost never saw the light of day if i'd went with my first mind and never even brought up what i'd been working on to my business partner. I was simply using this as an outlet and a means to connect to myself and tap back into my foundations of what makes I was nervous, and still am kind of nervous in regards to the reactions the stories might receive, but with the way God has been opening doors, I'm just simply excited for the ride....whether they like it, love it, hate it, or simply don't even just feels good to get back to me, and being fully transparent in doing so."

GET A READ OF THE INAUGURAL ISSUE #1 "Valentine and The Wraith of Bellona" BELOW

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