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Nicki Minaj Reveals "Freaky Girl" Release Date, Promises To Unleash "Nicki James"

"Freaky Girl" is due next month and it a teaser shows that Minaj sampled a Rick James favorite for her forthcoming track.

The Barbz has lost their minds on Friday (July 22) and it's because Nicki Minaj has disrupted New Music Friday with an announcement. The Rap icon's fanbase has been pleading for a new album for years, but Minaj has been taking her time in preparing her next project. Additionally, she has also taken some time for herself as she has not only married her husband Kenneth Petty but welcomed a son.

Still, the absence of an album doesn't mean we've been without new releases from Minaj, and recently, she teased her forthcoming single, "Freaky Girl." The rapper shared a thirst trap to get tongues wagging and since that time, fans have been wondering when the track will arrive.

Friday on Twitter, Minaj intensified the hype surrounding her new song by tweeting: "#NickJames is coming to do what the girls SHOULD’VE done. #NickJames is coming to show the girls why they should’ve just sat there & ate their foods. #NickJames is coming to show the boys how to REALLY gag the girls. Pauz #NickJames is coming to restore hope in mankind."

Many have attributed "Nick James" to be Minaj's new alter ego, but it seems to be a reference to late music icon Rick James who gave us the hit "Super Freak." A snippet of "Freaky Girl" shows that Minaj sampled the classic on her new track and we'll be able to hear the single when it's released on August 12.

Check it out below.

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