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Mystikal Arrested For Rape, Domestic Abuse & Robbery In Louisiana

On Sunday afternoon, rapper Mystikal was arrested on several charges including rape, strangulation and robbery.

Mystikal, who’s had a history of sexual assault charges, was arrested on Sunday afternoon (July 31) on the grounds of first-degree rape, domestic abuse, strangulation and robbery. The New Orleans-born rapper, who’s real name is Michael Tyler, was booked into Ascension Parish Jail in Louisiana shortly after his arrest.

Per The Advocate, Ascension Parish sheriff’s picked up Tyler after speaking with a sexual assault victim at a local hospital shortly after 11:58 PM on Saturday (July 30). It is alleged that the rapper forced the woman, who had multiple injuries, to give him money following a financial dispute. On Sunday morning, the 51-year-old was charged with false imprisonment and criminal damage to property worth less than $1,000, all charges resulting in five offenses.

Mystikal, who was previously signed to Master P’s No Limit Records in the ’90s, was sentenced to six years in prison in 2004 after pleading guilty to sexual battery. Prior to his sentencing, in July 2002, a hairstylist for the rapper claimed that he and his two bodyguards forced the woman to perform oral sex on them after not turning her into police for stealing $80,000 worth of the rapper’s checks.

Released in 2010 after a six-year imprisonment, Tyler was subsequently registered as a sex offender in Louisiana. One of the bodyguards, Leland “Pokie” Ellis, received three years in prison while the other, Vercy Carter, got four years. Tyler was sentenced to three months in prison for a second time in 2012 after a misdemeanor domestic abuse count. Per Tyler’s attorney, the incident was an “unfortunate incident” between two domestic partners “who have cared about each other for 10 years and also shared children.

In fall 2018, Mystikal and another man were charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping charges, which were dropped in December 2020 after a second grand jury reviewed evidence from the case. In that time, the rapper spent 18 months in jail.

Mystikal last performed with Master P, Silk the Shocker and more as part of the No Limit Tour in 2020.

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