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MUSIC IS MEDICINE: Music’s Role in Mental Health & Psychedelic Therapy

“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”

In this segment of 'Music in Medicine', we put the spotlight on Matthew Dunehoo discusses the importance of music in alleviating mental health illnesses with Numinus Wellness CEO Payton Nyquvest. They discuss how music intertwines with psychedelic therapy and how it could be used as a tool for building a community and awareness in this emerging sector.

In May of 2022, NUMINUS WELLNESS sponsored the first in a series of immersive healing sound events entitled MUSIC AS MEDICINE. It was an immersive meditative musical experience and consciousness-expanding visuals featuring Jon Hopkins, East Forest and Superposition.

Olive Kimoto, East Forest, Superposition and Jon Hopkins each shared the stage to engage an audience, present with the intention to heal, with waves of lushly composed ambient and electronic sounds, delivered through high end audio and augmented by evocative visual projections.

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