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Muni Long Announces Release Date for "Public Displays Of Affection: The Album"

Muni Long has announced her highly anticipated project, "Public Displays Of Affection: The Album."

"I’ve spent so many hours crafting this, putting my heart and soul into each and every track," Long wrote, announcing the album on Instagram. "I want to give you all more of what you love and deserve. These songs, these stories, and these experiences are fueled by love and affection; that of which I have for all of you."

Earlier this year, Long was named MTV’s featured Global PUSH Artist for the month of June. She's also been a popular pick to be a serious contender for Grammy’s Best New Artist.

The project is due out on September 23rd.

Check out the full tracklist for Public Displays Of Affection: The Album below:

1. Conversation

2. Cartier

3. Crack

4. Lemons

5. Ain't Easy

6. To Do List

7. Hrs & Hrs

8. Plot Twist

9. Plot Twist (Interlude)

10. Time Machine

11. Butterfly Effect

12. The Words

13. Pain

14. Another

15. No Signal

16. No R&B

17. IMU

18. Baby Boo (feat. Saweetie)

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