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Meyhem Lauren Outdoes Himself on 6th Album “Champagne for Breakfast" (REVIEW)

Produced by DJ Muggs & Madlib, Meyhem, Lauren is a 39 year old MC from Queens, New York that came up as the leader of the Smart Crew graffiti team.

Meyhem Lauren eventually started rapping in the mid-2000s, but it wouldn’t be until the 2010s decade that he saw success. Most notably with Mandatory Brunch Meetings, the Buckwild-produced Silk Pyramids, Piatto D’oro & most notably the DJ Muggs produced Gems from the Equinox. But coming off the Daringer-produced Black Vladimir to universal acclaim, Meyhem’s keeping the momentum going by reuniting with Muggs & bringing along Madlib so both West Coast veterans can produce his 6th album.

After the “Quicksand”, intro, the first song “Fresh Out the Water” truly sets things off with Muggs supplying a creepy vocal loop as well as some kicks & snares for Meyhem to make it clear that shit ain’t changed prior to Action Bronson tagging along for “Szechuan Capitol”so they can hop on a piano boom bap instrumental with a soulful beat-switch encouraging to protect your energy. “Midnight Silk” dives into drumless turf courtesy of Madlib to spit that mafioso shit leading into “Sunday Driving” having a more classier vibe sonically talking about focusing on the better things in life.

“Big Money” returns to the boom bap so he can flex his wealth just before “Evolution” blending some keys, kicks & snares so Meyhem can thank back from where he came from to how he’s evolved since then. “Dom vs. Cris” keeps it in the basement to justifiably talk about how he out here winning drinking champagne in the sunshine, but then “Holographic Rhetoric” by his little brother Hologram has a more soulfully drumless approach to declare that he doesn’t need to stop & he ain’t ever gonna change.

After the “Pop Clink Fizz” interlude, “OD Wilson” gives off a more sinister feeling to the beat bragging that the real ones are back on top like they oughta be while the cavernously funky “African Pompano” talks about repping the fly shit forever. After the “Triple M Airlines” instrumental interlude from Madlib, the penultimate track “One of Them Ones” reveals itself to be an unsettling boom bap anthem referring to himself as amongst the greatest & “Wild Salmon” is a grand drumless closer letting y’all know what he got on the grill as he drinks with the homies.

Black Vladimir quickly became a favorite of ours in his discography last summer & went on to be the best albums of the previous year, but he really outdid himself on Champagne for Breakfast to the point where I as someone who’s been listening to him since Silk Pyramids can say it’s the best album he’s ever done. Muggs & Madlib both play Yin & Yang behind the boards much like how Kanye West & Pharrell did on Pusha T’s last album It’s Almost Dry with Meyhem murdering it with the gangsta raps complimenting both West Coast beatsmith’s signature production styles.

Score: 9/10

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