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Method Man Speaks On Why Artists Shouldn't Sign To Other Artists' Labels

Method Man says that up-and-coming artists shouldn't sign to other artists' labels because they won't get the attention they deserve.

Method Man says that young artists are better off not signing to labels owned by fellow artists because their music will also come second to that artist. The legendary Wu-Tang rapper explained his opinion on the matter during a recent interview with Math Hoffa for My Expert Opinion.

“I always felt like you can’t sign to somebody who still trying to be an artist,” Meth explained. “It’s hard. They can’t give you the time or attention that you probably need and deserve unless you are your own machine.”

The group did admit there have been exceptions, with Method Man and Hoffa citing Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, before adding that they probably have a staff that is focused on running the labels.

“I mean these are people that I’m pretty sure have a staff,” Method Man added.

In the same interview, Method Man apologized to Destiny’s Child for disrespecting them at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon special in 2001. At the time, the rapper says he felt slighted when they didn't say hello to him, but now attributes his reaction to having had "low self-esteem."

“I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michelle – y’all did not deserve that, at all," he said, directed at the three members of the group.

Check out Method Man's discussion with Math Hoffa below.

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