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Mase & Cam’Ron Squash Their Beef Over the Phone

With Mase seemingly on a forgiveness tour, the rapper reached out to former friend and collaborator Cam’ron to patch things up

Mase and Cam’ron are deading their long rift. After announcing that he was signing to Death Row Records, the Harlem World rapper was seen in a new clip shared by his sister, Stason Betha, patching it up with Cam’ron during a phone call.

“Killa, what’s good?” Mase jokingly says in the video. After Cam responds, the former Bad Boy Records artist says, “Where’s Mr. Petty at these days?” referencing Cam’s 2017 diss track “Dinner Time” geared at Mase where he raps: “You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war.”

Betha captioned the video “Ok now @rsvpmase and @mr_camron I DEFINITELY DID NOT SEE THIS COMING but I’m here for it!!!! Smh y’all gotta stop with this nonsense or I’m swinging on both of y’all!!!”

Mase later shared the video on his Instagram, to which Cam commented with multiple ‘hands up’ emojis.

The two rappers were once members of rap group Children of the Corn before going their separate ways in the mid-’90s to achieve solo success. According to The Fader Mase wanted Cam’ron to pay him $40,000 to appear in his 1998 music video for “Horse & Carriage.” When Cam’ron didn’t fulfill his wishes, Mase, real name Mason Betha, instead used a body double for the video instead.

Exchanging public disses since 1999 when Betha briefly left music to become a pastor, Cam claimed that Betha changed his occupation to avoid the streets, while the Welcome Back rapper said he wanted to mentor the youth. Nearly ten years after Cam’ron told XXL that he would “never speak to Mase again,” in 2017, both rappers seemed to have a change of heart by commenting to each other on Instagram.

On his recent Million Dollaz Worth of Game appearance, Mase looked back on money causing a divide between himself and Cam.

“When I got the money it just changed everything, but at first my problem with I think Cam was just that they thought I had money I didn’t have,” he said. “Like I just told you I was flexing crazy, so nigga was like, ‘Yo, Murda ain’t sharing the bag.’ I never got the bag. Now that we looking back you can see he never got that bag, and then by the time I got the bag we was enemies already. So I didn’t get to break ’em off.”

“That’s one of the relationships I regret,” Mase added. “I think I got two that I regret, and going at Killa, I wanted to do that but that was like my nigga, you know what I’m saying? So that really hurt me.”

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