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Marvel Unveils ‘Moon Knight’ Release Date with a Stirring Official Trailer

Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac as a former Marine and CIA agent with dissociative identity disorder.

Following an introductory teaser, Marvel has released an official look at their upcoming Moon Knight series. And it already looks to be the darkest of the comic book giant’s slate of Disney+ shows.

The two-minute trailer offers a dizzying glimpse at Oscar Isaac’s MCU debut as Marc Spector, a former Marine and CIA agent with dissociative identity disorder who comes in contact with (and eventually becomes a vessel of) an ancient Egyptian moon god named Khonshu, which only amplifies his madness. In both the comics and this incoming small-screen adaptation, Spector struggles with keeping track of which identity is in control, but eventually learns that each of his dueling personalities has a respective strength. The trailer also previews the series’ villain in Ethan Hawke’s Dr. Arthur Harrow, who was a fairly minor character in the comics, but seems to be taking on new import in the MCU series as a Nobel Prize nominee-turned-cult-leader. Finally, the trailer reveals Moon Knight is set to premiere on March 30th as the first Marvel series of 2022.

Watch the official trailer for Marvel’s Moon Knight series below

Last year, Marvel announced a number of new shows are headed to Disney+ in 2022, most of which will mark the entry of new characters in the MCU. Moon Knight will lead the charge in the spring, but there’s also She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Secret Invasion, and a second season of the stellar animated series, What If?. And that’s on top of the studio’s theatrical schedule, which includes Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness (May 6th,) Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8th,) and the much-anticipated Black Panther sequel (November 11th.) Release dates for the new shows have yet be announced, but that can’t be too far down the line at this point.

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