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Marvel Studios Pushes Back ‘Blade’ Release Date

Marvel Studios has pushed the release of Blade to September 2024, also rescheduling Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four and Secret Wars.

Bad news for Marvel fans anticipating Blade. Along with shutting down production in Atlanta, Marvel Studios announced that the film’s release date has been rescheduled for September 6, 2024. The original release date for the Mahershala Ali-led film was slated for November 3, 2023.

Controversy has followed the film’s production as Marvel Studios has underwent several script rewrites and losing original director Bassim Tariq. On Tuesday (October 11), production for Blade was temporarily shut down amid behind-the-scenes problems. While a new director has not yet been attached to the Blade reboot, Beau DeMayo (Moon Knight, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Witcher) is now the script writer, with one source saying that Marvel Studios “want(s) to really get it right.”

The film was announced during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, where Ali made an appearance and put on a basketball cap with the film’s logo. Despite his initial excitement about the upcoming reboot, reports say that Ali has grown “frustrated with the process” as the previous script was roughly 90 pages long and featured two “lackluster” action sequences.

Along with Blade, the release dates for several other Disney films has also been pushed including Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four and Avengers: Secret Wars. The latter film is pushed to May 2026, while Deadpool 3 has gone from a September 6, 2024 to November 8, 2024 premiere and Fantastic Four is postponed from November 8, 2024 to February 14, 2025. Also postponed in the Disney lineup are Chevalier, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, A Haunting In Venice and two untitled Marvel films.

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