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Magic Johnson Is "Not Looking Forward To" New HBO Lakers Show

"Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty" airs in March.

HBO's upcoming series about the 1980's Showtime Lakers is set to debut in March 2022. The show is produced by Adam McKay, and is a humorous, dramatized version of the beginnings and execution of LA's basketball dynasty created by the team's owner Jerry Buss.

Quincy Isaiah will play the role of the Lakers' Hall of Fame star point guard Magic Johnson and John C. Reilly will portray Buss. However, when TMZ approached Magic Johnson about the series, he did not seem too thrilled about it. When asked if he's excited about Winning Time:The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, he said he is instead focused on a show he is coming out with himself as well as a show made by Jerry Buss' daughter and current owner Jeanie Buss: "No, we got different shows coming out. I got one, and then Jeanie Buss got one on SHOWTIME (TV network) coming out, so those are the ones I'm looking forward to."

In terms of the show he's making, Magic could be potentially be referring to the "Last Dance" style docu-series he has in the works, similar to Michael Jordan's 2020 ten-part show. He continued by saying he was not going to watch HBO's Winning Time: "I'm not looking forward to it, so we'll leave it at that."

He did not state a reason as to why he will avoid the show, but he may have caught wind of how his character will be portrayed and did not approve. While it is disheartening to see that the show's real life main character will not be tuning in to watch, it still looks to be a quality production with a stellar, respected cast and crew.

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