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London, UK Hip Hop Artist JOEJAS Drops Latest Video “LAX”

Introducing JoeJas: The Free-spirited Hip Hop Artist Doing Everything Himself

On JoeJas’s Spotify bio, he explains how his music is inspired by his personal experiences being labeled weird and different. After listening to his music and checking out his various design projects, it becomes clear that being weird and different is an asset, not a hindrance, for the UK-based creative. Few artists embody today’s limitless do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit quite like utility man JoeJas, who has found a way to control the entire narrative, all from his own island.

JoeJas’s creative energy flows into many different projects beyond music, manifesting in his music videos and across his HairyMuffinMan and Fat Llama Instagram accounts. His projects range from selling sweatshirts and tees with llama heads on them to podcast shows and live event series. As corny as it can be to refer to an artist as a ‘brand,’ it’s hard to avoid the term when going through JoeJas’s portfolio of content, mostly because of the signature (and charming) design stamp he’s put on all his work: neon colors, custom graphics and animation, and a ubiquitous self-aware goofiness.

Recently, the up-and-coming London, UK based underground artist JOEJAS drops his latest music video titled “LAX” It’s a chill laid back track, with a weird and chill 2000’s Neptunes vibe! Check it out below.

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