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LeBron James-Produced ‘House Party’ Reboot Has Been Shelved At HBO Max

Along with Warner Bros. removing six exclusively-streaming movies from HBO Max, LeBron James’ House Party reboot has also been scrapped.

LeBron James and Springhill Entertainment Company’s House Party reboot has officially been put on hold. Produced by the NBA superstar and his The Shop co-host Maverick Carter, the reboot was announced in 2018 with SpringHill Entertainment and New Line Cinema set to deliver the film. Directed by Grammy Award-winning filmmaker Calmatic, House Party centered two high schoolers who throw a party in James’ house, resulting in the loss of his championship rings. Atlanta co-writers Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori also wrote the script.

Set to star singer-actor Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, DC Young Fly, Melvin Gregg, Rotimi and Bill Bellamy, the film was originally planned to debut on July 28, be quietly scrubbed from the HBO Max release calendar.

“It’s an entirely new look for a classic movie,” James told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “Everyone I grew up with loved House Party. To partner with this creative team to bring a new House Party to a new generation is unbelievable.”

“It’s fun, it [was] an honor when I got the opportunity to produce it [and] reboot the whole movie,” James shared with ESPN a year later. “I had so much fun as a kid watching that movie and when I was growing up as a youngster, I was like, ‘Man, I hope I have an opportunity to go to one of these house parties where it’s just a bunch of fun, joking around, a lot of dancing… People just having a good time.”

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