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Kevin Hart To Play Gary Coleman's Role In "Diff'Rent Strokes" Live Remake

Kevin Hart is set to take on the role of Arnold Jackson during another "Live In Front of a Studio Audience" remake as ABC looks to rework its classic "Diff'rent Strokes" show.

It's a part of a larger plan for the network to also remake "The Facts of Life," marking its third entry in the "Live" series.

The program is set to air in December as Hart stars opposite John Lithgow as Mr. Drummond while Damon Wayans takes on the role of Willis Jackson.

Hart's selection to succeed Coleman is certainly interesting one for several reasons, namely the fact that the 42-year-old will be portraying the same role that Coleman took on as a tween. The original series ran on NBC between 1978 and 1985 before being acquired by ABC for one more season while "The Facts of Life" ran from 1979 to 1988.

Both remakes will air on ABC on Tuesday, December 7th.

“‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience’ has become one of our most anticipated highlights of the year — it brings some of the biggest and funniest stars on the planet together on the same stage, where truly anything can happen, to introduce a whole new generation to ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and ‘Facts of Life,’” said Craig Erwich, president of Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment. “Jimmy [Kimmel] and Norman [Lear] have outdone themselves with a spectacular, irreverent and hilarious cast to once again create a can’t-miss television event.”

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