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Kenzo B Drops New Single “The Facts” With Young Devyn

Kenzo B is coming with the delivery on her new single.

Kenzo B’s been breaking onto the scene in a big way this year. In February, the no-nonsense rapper dropped the single “Bump It,” a breathless mission statement that boasted a sample of the iconic guitar line from Dick Dale & The Del Tones’ “Misirlou.” In September, she dropped “Bartender,” a sultry collaboration with Coco Cris. Also last month, she appeared on Young Devyn’s new album Baby Goat 2 with the song “Rap Sheet.”

Now, Kenzo is working with Devyn again, this time on the single “The Facts.” Like with “Bump It,” Kenzo is spitting over an electric-guitar heavy beat. Here, however, Kenzo’s vocals are at the forefront, the guitar adding a quieter edge to the background.

Kenzo’s delivery is fiery. She lists all the issues she has with all the people who have wronged her and beyond. She’s even got a problem with people who flatter her– “Go get a life if you sucking my d**k,” she says at one point.

Young Devyn appears at the back end of the single, which clocks in at just under three minutes. She ups the intensity even more, echoing Kenzo’s “come at me” philosophy.

Check out the song and its accompanying video below.

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