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Karl Kani Connects With ‘Stranger Things’ For A Collection Dedicated to the Season Finale

Legendary streetwear line Karl Kani has collaborated with Stranger Things for a 20+ piece collection honoring the season finale.

Stranger Things is getting the Karl Kani treatment. On Friday (July 1), the urban apparel line unveiled a fashion collection of pieces dedicated to the season four finale of the hit Netflix series.

The line consists of 20+ styles including flower-printed Hawaiian shirts, distressed denim vests, satin-coated bombers and tie-dye tees, all influenced by 1980s fashion and the sinister theme of The Duffer Brothers-directed series.

Unlike The Party on Stranger Things, Karl Kani spent the ’80s developing his now-world-renowned brand. Last year, Kani spoke with Flaunt Magazine about starting his clothing line in 1989 when he was 17-years-old.

“We grew up very quick back then, because our parents would work all the time. We grew up in the streets. For my homeboys, we’d hustle off each other. We knew at a young age we had to make things happen, because we didn’t like the idea of living in poverty. To be honest, I didn’t know where it was going, but I knew everyday I had to work hard.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he extended gratitude to the late-2Pac, one of Karl Kani’s first celebrity ambassadors, calling the rapper “a man of his word.”

“He said to me, “I’m not gonna charge you nothing,” then he said to me, “No, I want one thing.” So I started thinking, “Oh boy, here we go. What do you want, $2 million? $3 million?” No, he didn’t say that. He asked me, “Can you put ‘Thug Life’ in some of the ads for me?” He asked to take some pictures of his crew, he’s looking out for his people all the time. You can’t get more realer than that, this is real deal.”

Pieces from the Stranger Things x Karl Kani collection can be purchased on Zalando and SNIPES.

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