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Jhene Aiko Rumored To Be Pregnant, Expecting Baby With Big Sean


Jhene Aiko is reportedly pregnant with Big Sean’s baby. Earlier this week, a fan on twitter shared that he spotted the expectant singer at a grocery store.

“I just saw Jhene Aiko and Big Sean at Whole Foods and she’s very pregnant,” the social media follower shared along with the eyes emoji. “IKTR (I Know That’s Right) Sean,” the fan added.

Several of the Twitter user’s fans asked if the person was in Los Angeles. Others took the social media follower for their word. One Twitter user accused the fan of lying to which another asked, “Why would he lie about this?”

This is not the first time rumors of Jhene Aiko expecting a child have flooded the Internet. It was during a live segment in 2019 that one of Jhene’s friends presented the notion of her expecting a child.

It was just last November that Jhene Aiko took to Instagram to wish her daughter, Namiko Browner, well on the youngster’s thirteenth birthday. “Happy 13th Birthday, Nami,” Jhene wrote to her daughter. “I can’t believe I have a teenager,” the recording artist shared. “There are never enough words,” Jhene said of her daughter. “I’m so lucky she chose me to be her mommy.”

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have been a couple for years. The two briefly ended romantic relations in 2018 but confirmed their reunion a year later. Big Sean shared one of the most romantic things he did for his girlfriend during an interview in 2020.

“Iit was our anniversary and I really planned out the whole day,” Big Sean revealed. “I remember I anticipated everything that she wanted to do, that she was gonna wanna eat, and I did it. We went to the beach,” he added. “I just remember the whole day we spent together, a lot of roses, a lot of cards, a lot of gifts.”

Neither Jhene Aiko nor Big Sean have officially confirmed or denied their expectancy.

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