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JAY-Z Did a Twitter Space Breaking Down His “God Did” Verse

After days of acclaim for his 4-minute appearance of new DJ Khaled song “God Did,” JAY-Z co-hosted a Twitter Space to break down his verse.

Following his highly priased 4-minute feature on “God Did,” JAY-Z made another surprise appearance on Twitter Spaces. On Wednesday night (August 31), DJ Khaled co-hosted a virtual chat room with Hov, and Roc Nation photographer Lenny Santiago, with appearances from Genius’ Rob Markman and MSNBC correspondent Ari Melber, who discussed Jay’s “God Did” verse during a segment on Tuesday.

Khaled opened the Twitter Space with commending Hov for his verse.

“When the God [JAY-Z] is on, you listen. Don’t interrupt you; let everything come clear and clarity,” Khaled said. “When the God is on, you listen, and that’s what I was doing. My, I appreciate you, man; there are no words that you know what I’m saying all I’m going to every time I see you when I’m not around you. You are my idol, my brother, my friend, and I appreciate what you did for us on this record.”

Later in the conversation, Hov shared that his industry peers also reached out upon the release of “God Did.”

“In the verse I say ‘my only goal is to make the real [ones] feel seen,’ and when somebody breaks it down in that way, we all feel seen,” he said. “And it wasn’t me, I got calls from everybody like, ‘man, we needed that right there’ or ‘that was amazing.’ [A$AP] Ferg hit me like, ‘we needed that right there so people [can] articulate and understand what we’re going through.'”

Hov also mentioned some of his favorite tracks from God Did, as Khaled played the LP for the rapper-mogul prior to its release.

“I don’t know if Khaled told that story, but he played me the Drake “No Secret,” and man, that has an opening that sets the right tone and vibe, and then that “Big Time” joint,”

He continued, “The pockets that Lil Baby was catching on like caught. I don’t even know how many pockets, but he kept switching. Obviously, I mess with that Durk record; 21 Savage is amazing. That [Jadakiss] record is so hard. Khaled had a whole vibe. He may want to revisit that later remix.”

Following Melber’s MSNBC segment on Tuesday, JAY-Z released an audio version of the clip to YouTube and other DSPs.

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