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J.I.D Teases Gangsta Grillz Mixtape With DJ Drama

He just released "The Forever Story" but J.I.D is clearly on his Hip Hop hustle.

It looks like DJ Drama is booked and busy as the Generation Now boss has several Gangsta Grillz mixtapes on the horizon. For decades, Drama's beloved mixtape series has been coveted among rappers who vie for their turn to release a project. We recently received OMB Peezy's MisGuidedGangsta Grillz release, and Tory Lanez has teased that he may have his own on the horizon.

Another artist who has linked for DJ Drama for a project is J.I.D who told Complex that he's making sure that his Gangsta Grillz inclusion is executed to perfection.

“Me and [DJ] Drama are really gonna do it right,” said the East Atlanta icon. “I’m talkin’ about on other n*ggas beats. We’re going to do a DiCaprio 3.”

J.I.D's comment came in an interview that heavily centered around his newly-released album The Forever Story which has received praise.

“I play forever, that’s why I’m so patient,” said the emcee. “I didn’t get signed as a young artist, I didn’t even always want to be an artist. I used to just be a real hard fan of music. We didn’t even expect to be here. So we’re going to be around regardless.”

If you haven't already, check out The Forever Story below:

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