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Heardle: A Wordle-Inspired New Game for Music Fans

Created by Omakase, new ‘Wordle’-inspired app Heardle allows players to guess the song by playing a brief snippets as clues.

Move over Wordle, there’s a new app in town. Heardle, a new game for music enthusiasts is based on a similar premise as the word-oriented game launched by software engineer Josh Wardle earlier this year. With Heardle, players can guess the song with six attempts to find the answer, each snippet becoming longer when the song isn’t correctly answered.

According to the Heardle website, songs for the game are are “plucked from a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade”, via Soundcloud so contemporary music fans have a greater likelihood of guessing them. Over the past few days, Heardle has started trending on Twitter, where the new version tests users’ music knowledge.

For those who can’t figure out the song, Heardle provides a skip button as an option. However, the objective is to guess the song correctly in as few tries as possible so users can share how much of a music fan they are. Like Wordle users who tweet their score, the game also has a feature where players can copy a series of emojis to their clipboard so you can tell friends how quickly you guessed the song. Also like Wordle, players can only guess one Heardle a day.

With Wordle recently acquired by The New York Times, Wardle initially created the game for his wife Palak Shah before sharing it with his family, according to Yahoo News!

Play HEARDLE and get in on the excitement TODAY!

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