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Freddie Gibbs Set To Appear In New Show "Bust Down" Airing on Peacock

The Gary, Indiana rapper's acting career is taking wings.

Along with preparing to release his upcoming debut album Soul Sold Seperately, which will include production from Hip-Hop greats like Pharrel Williams, Madlib, Alchemist, Boi-1da and more Freddie Gibbs has been dipping his toes in the entertainment field as an actor recently.

On Friday (Jan. 28), Peacock and NBC announced their new sitcom titled Bust Down, that is slated to premiere on March 10. The comedy stars four stellar actors in Sam Jay, Chris Red, Langston Kerman and Jak Knight, who are also the creators. Bust Down aims to create a laid-back, humorous show about modern black experiences, just as previous sitcoms have done with white creators and actors, as the creators explained: "We believe true equality is being able to make a show about nonsense the same way white people have been doing forever. We just wanted to make something so fucking hilarious that it makes people laugh so much that they miss jokes and then have to circle back to watch again.”

Other actors for the show include hilarious Twitter meme legend and aspiring rapper Zach Fox, as well as Freddie Gibbs. Fox tweeted an exciting promotional tweet for the show, explaining the antics that will take place: "watch bust down if you wanna see beautiful shots of n***s arguing about the dumbest shit, Freddie Gibbs being mean, chain snatching, cookout fights, and my first official episode of television."

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