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Draymond Green To Step Away From Warriors After Jordan Poole Punch

After seeing the video himself, Draymond admitted that it doesn’t look great.

The dramatic blowout that went down between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole earlier this week has sparked not only hundreds of memes all across the internet but also a conversation about what the former will receive as a punishment for punching his teammate over an alleged contract extension.

On Saturday (October 8), Warriors fans got some answers from the source itself as Green shared an apology along with a not-totally-unexpected announcement during a press conference. “I was wrong for my actions that took place on Wednesday,” the NBA player began.

“There’s a huge embarrassment that comes from [the video], not only for myself, but the embarrassment that Jordan has to deal with, and also Jordan’s family,” he added, making note of the fact that he’s since apologized to Poole and those closest to him.

The 32-year-old Michigan native went on to share that he’ll be taking an indefinite leave of absence to focus on himself while the team takes time to “heal” ahead of their regular season starting game on October 18 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Green mentioned the fact that TMZ played a key role in publicizing a video of the incident after it surfaced online, saying, “it was bullshit that it leaked,” although he did admit the footage “looks even worse than [he] thought it was.”

The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of an investigation that will hopefully lead them to the source of the leak.

Check out Draymond Green’s full apology below:

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