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Donald Glover Gets Absurd In New ‘Atlanta’ Teaser Trailer

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In a new 45-second clip titled, the Donald Glover and the ‘Atlanta’ crew witness Europeans indulging in products with the FX show’s namesake.

With a heavy Scandinavian vibe, a new commercial titled “Shillin” for the upcoming third season of Atlanta premiered last week. Over a “fresh and clean” refrain, the cast experiences the delightful–yet dark–oddities of Europe.

In the commercial’s opening scene, Earn (Donald Glover) plays records at what seems to be a modest house party while guests enjoy Atlanta-branded yogurt. Van (Zazie Beetz) then visits a boutique where Atlanta glass cleaner is being sprayed, much to her disgust. Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) settles into a train excursion, where an older woman sitting next to him is treated to what appears to be a chocolate drink poured from an Atlanta carton. A fully-clothed Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) sits in a sauna where an Atlanta aerosol is sprayed while the yogurt makes another appearance. The four come together in a pastry shop where an Atlanta whip is topped on their streusel pastries before coating a baker’s hair.

“These products scare me,” Paper Boi says in Dutch by the commercial’s end. While the clip promotes Atlanta both on FX and Hulu, last night, Glover went to Twitter to promote his hands. “please @ me this year if u talk shit on me,” he tweeted, not referencing anyone in particular.

Last November, in now-deleted tweets, Glover warned critics not to compare Atlanta with fellow FX show Dave. This time, he’s left his tweet up, in what might be a follow-up warning to Atlanta naysayers. Complex reported that earlier on Wednesday, Glover got into a brief banter with a follower over a SoundCloud cover of “Redbone” being removed.

“I didn’t know you was a hating ass n***a,” the follower said. “thats not me. thats the record company,” Donald responded. “figured, was just being funny,” the follower answered, likely shocked to get a reaction from Glover. “but i am a hating ass n***a tho,” Glover warned. “real talk.”

The third season of Atlanta premieres on FX March 24th.

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