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Chlöe Drops Steamy New Single ‘Surprise’

Parkwood Entertainment act Chlöe has released her new single, “Surprise.”

Parkwood Entertainment is full of surprises this week. On Friday, Chlöe released her new single “Surprise,” which was hand-selected by mentor Beyoncé.

The singer also dropped the steamy video, which was directed by Diana Kunst.

Prior to the announcement, the vocalist – real name Chloe Bailey – asked fans to guess when “Surprise” would drop. The release was likely planned with Beyoncé, who dropped four mystery box sets in-tandem with her seventh album Renaissance, which drops next month.

Last month, Bailey called on her fans to choose her next single, following “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me.” Between “For The Night,” “Surprise,” and “Cheat Back,” Bailey played snippets of the songs on Instagram Live, but ultimately, Beyoncé has the final say.

“When the Queen speaks, the Queen speaks, and that’s all I’m gonna say and that’s all that matters to me,” Bailey said.

Bailey’s debut solo album is expected to arrive this year, and in an August 2021 interview with Billboard, the singer said the album would have “such bad-b**ch energy.”

“I’d be making my own beats and working on songs and ideas for this project that I knew would come — I just didn’t know when,” she said. “The album captures Chlöe’s individuality and is meant to inspire listeners with the idea they they can be themselves “completely and unapologetically, no matter what the world says.”

Along with her debut album, Bailey is set to play Izzy in upcoming Sabrina Jaglom-directed thriller Jane. “I’ve been filming and in the studio so far all summer, so I haven’t even had a chance to switch to hot-girl summer yet,” she told POPSUGAR. “But when I get there, you know it will be spicy!”

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