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Brent Faiyaz Set To Release ‘Wasteland’ LP This Week, & Twitter Is Ready For The “Toxic” Vibes

It’s been over two years since Brent Faiyaz released an album, with his last effort being 2020’s 'F*ck The World'.

Brent Faiyaz occupies a particular corner of R&B music where the tone of the lyrics is seen to be equivalent to Future‘s bars at their toxic best. The Columbia, Md. native will release his second full-length album Wasteland this Friday, and Twitter is ready for the “toxic” vibes.

Brent Faiyaz, 26, has been active since releasing Sonder Son in 2017 but his last body of work was the F*ck The World EP from 2020. Faiyaz returned to form in 2021 with singles such as “Wasting Time” featuring Drake, and “Gravity” with TDE collaborator DJ Dahi and Tyler, The Creator on the help out. Faiyaz dropped the “Price Of Fame” earlier this year ahead of the Wasteland drop, and the news of the project’s impending release has Twitter abuzz.

Faiyaz, an incredibly savvy social media user, has been teasing the album’s release periodically over the spring and summer on Instagram, including unveiling a large billboard in New York. He’s also active on Twitter, offering a countdown of sorts thus further drumming up the anticipation.

And if one is unaware of just how much of a crowd-pleasing act Faiyaz is, check out this video of a pop-up event he did in Atlanta below on July 4.

A similar pop-up event was held in New York City on Tuesday (July 5) and the pandemonium for the talented vocalist was just as intense as it was in southwest Atlanta.

Even the great Missy Elliott counts herself among those ready for new heat from Faiyaz.

To pre-order Wasteland, the new drop from Brent Faiyaz, click here. The album drops on Friday, July 8.

Keep scrolling to see more reactions from Twitter:

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