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Bow Wow Defends $1K Meet & Greet After Fans On Twitter Let Him Have It

Bow Wow has defended his meet-and-greet package after facing backlash over its hefty price tag.

According to his website, the Ohio vocalist is charging $1,000 for a “Diamond VIP Package” for his upcoming Millennium Tour: Turned Up! with Keri Hilson, Mario and others.

The package offers fans a personal meet-and-greet experience that includes a 30 to 45-minute hang-out with Bow Wow and a personal tour of his backstage lounge and tour bus, along with various freebies.

Word of the costly package soon circulated online, with one viral video showing a fan dragging Bow Wow over the price of his VIP meet-and-greet.

“So Deaconess Bowlorain Wowardon decided that she was gonna hop on Chris Brown’s bandwagon and charge a rack for a meet-and-greet,” the fan began, referencing Breezy’s recent $1,000 meet-and-greets.

“Now while we know that meet-and-greets are not new … what [Brown] did was set the tone for what a backstage experience is supposed to be like, especially when you spending $1,000 to see your faovorite artist.”

She continued: “But there is a level of celebrity that you have to be in order to obtain $1,000 per person, and the facts are what they are: Bow Wow, sister girl, you are not that level of celebrity

“At the most, $250. Maybe I’ll get it off a Groupon for $75, but ain’t no way in this hell or the next one that you getting $1,000. Even though you’re giving quite a bit, it’s still not $1,000 worth.”

Bow Wow took to Twitter on Sunday (September 4) to address the responses to his VIP meet-and-greet package and defend its four-figure fee, putting emphasis on the “private” experience that it offers.

The 35-year-old clarified he’s also offering a significantly cheaper standard meet-and-greet — a $150 Gold Package, according to his website – although it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of his Diamond Package.

“A lot of you guys are asking whats the difference between Ticketmaster Meet and greets. Then there my VIP meet n greets that released yesterday….. ill explain,” he wrote.

“Certain floor seat tickets come with the standard meet and greet where you will be able to still meet me take photos but you WILL NOT get the full experience as my VIP MEET AND GREET HOLDERS… this is your standard picture taking similar to what we usually do.”

He added: “As for my special VIP meet and greet experience .. They will gain more access more private time with me also will gain access to my private club and everything you can name. There are 3 different packages to choose from. Its all about how close do you want your experience to be.”

Bow Wow’s tone was less polite on Monday (September 5), though, as he fired back at his critics in a since-deleted tweet.

“You see when im chilling minding my business staying off the net THEY STILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ME,” he barked. “One week its ‘Bow Wow sells out o2 arena hes a goat’ to who wants to meet him for 1k? Ya baby momma n-gga thats who. Read before u post bout me. Stop playing with the dog.”

Bow Wow’s meet-and-greet controversy comes just weeks after his “Shortie Like Mine” collaborator Chris Brown made headlines for charging fans $1,000 to take a picture with him on his recent One of Them Ones Tour with Lil Baby.

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