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Boldy James Says His New Album Will Feature Unheard J Dilla Production

The long-awaited Boldy James and J Dilla project will reportedly be titled Drug Dilla, but an official release date has not been announced.

Boldy James and J Dilla collaborative project Drug Dilla is on the way. On Wednesday, Andrew Barber of hip-hop music blog Fake Shore Drive announced Boldy and Dilla’s album title, also teasing upcoming music with The Alchemist.

Boldy also revealed that the album will feature unheard production from the legendary producer.

Boldy first spoke on his upcoming Dilla project in June while visiting the Trill store in Phoenix, claiming he had “the last of the Dilla stash.”

“A lot of people owe their success, you know, not owe their success, but he alley-ooped a lot of people’s success,” he told interviewer D-Stroy. “The list goes on, I’m not about to start name-dropping, but if you don’t know who this guy is, you need to do your history. J Dilla, Detroit, stand up.”

Boldy has released two collaborative albums this year; Killing Nothing with Real Bad Man and Fair Exchange No Robbery with Nicholas Craven.

With his music making a resurgence, the late Dilla will be honored in a forthcoming documentary based on Dan Charnas-penned biography Dilla Time.

Tapped as executive producer is Questlove, whose Summer of Soul music documentary won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature earlier this year.

“Explaining musical genius is my mission. To be able to tell the world about the musician that had the most influence on me is a dream come true. Not just on me, but on an entire generation of musicians that everyone knows and loves,” Questlove said in a statement. “J Dilla was our teacher. And what he taught us was how to feel rhythm in a way we had ever felt before. I’m so honored to be a part of bringing his story to the world through this documentary.”

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