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Black Twitter Lets Irv Gotti & BET Have It For Slandering Ashanti In Murder Inc. Docuseries

Irv Gotti just can’t stop talking about Ashanti and his stories haven’t been sitting well with Black Twitter.

Ashanti must live rent-free in Irv Gotti’s head.

In Episode three of The Murder Inc. Story docuseries, which aired on BET on Aug. 23, Irv Gotti recounts the moment he allegedly made a move on the then 20-year-old Ashanti.

“I’m separated from [my wife] Deb. I’m on my own. And Ashanti’s coming to the studio every day and our friendship and bond is naturally growing,” Irv said. “She used to wear these Juicy sweats and her ass was looking fat,” he continued. “Her ass was looking great. So, one day I was like, ‘Yo, I’ll take you home.’ She said, ‘Bet, cool.’ We are walking to her front door of her crib. She turns and says goodbye and I just kiss her and grab her ass and just mwah. It was like, what took you so long?”

The short clip was reposted on social and folks weren’t having it. Users ridiculed Gotti for being misogynistic and bringing up a two-decades-old encounter that both parties have long moved past

One user wrote:

“I had NO IDEA Ashanti was being preyed on like this. And the fact that he’s being given the space to speak on her like this is unacceptable. This is the NORM THO. Men in this industry feel ENTITLED to women and our bodies. It don’t even be about the talent. God forbid you say “no” or you set up boundaries for professionalism, POOF! Your career is GONE.”

Another said:

“Irv Gotti has a really fascinating career arc and story and had a real chance to redeem the Murder Inc legacy and he’s choosing to ruin it all by being a dweeb about Ashanti. For example they made a real compelling argument about reframing how we look at their feud with 50 and nobody is talking about it. It’s all about his obsession with a woman out of his league from 20 years ago who is paying him dust in 2022.”

After the episode, BET posted a tribute video to Ashanti with a post that read,

“It’s simple. @Ashanti IS R&B. Today we give the princess her flowers.”

But some users thought the damage was already done and called BET out for letting Irv Gotti disrespect Ashanti and then running to social for some damage control.

We’ve reached out to BET for comment and will update this post with any additional information when provided.

Gotti started this 20-year gossip train when he appeared on theDrink Champs podcast earlier this month alleging he had an intimate relationship with Ashanti in the early 2000s, which sent the internet in a frenzy then.

To make matters worse, Ashanti hasn’t said a word, nor has she made any statements online. Hopefully, Irv Gotti won’t have much else to say about her in the next installment of the docuseries, which airs Aug 30.

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