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Beyoncé Reveals The Track Listing For ‘RENAISSANCE

On Wednesday (July 20), social media was abuzz with the revelation of Beyoncé‘s tracklisting for her upcoming album RENAISSANCE.

While her first single, “Break My Soul” hasn’t exactly hit with audiences, the titles on the album has everyone optimistic that Bey will bring the heat.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to spotlight the 16 cuts that will be featured on her seventh album, fans were gushing about what they’re expecting from songs named “Virgo’s Groove” and “Heated,” but what really had the Twitterverse in a frenzy was the cut dubbed “America Has A Problem.” With conservatives and far-right white-nationalists ready to pounce on Beyoncé for possibly calling out our current social-political landscape, the Beyhive are on stand-by just in case the MAGAts of America try to come for their beloved queen.

Will she be calling out the far-right Supreme Court and the Republican Party? Will it just be a club banger to get America bopping? We have no clue. Should be interesting to see how that track plays out.

Check out the full track listing below and let us know if you have high hopes for Beyoncé’s next album in the comment section.

1. ‘I’m That Girl’

2. ‘Cozy’

3. ‘Alien Superstar’

4. ‘Cuff It’

5. ‘Energy’

6. ‘Break My Soul’

7. ‘Church Girl’

8. ‘Plastic Off The Sofa’

9. ‘Virgo’s Groove’

10. ‘Move’

11. ‘Heated’

12. ‘Thique’

13. ‘All Up In Your Mind’

14. ‘America Has A Problem’

15. ‘Pure/Honey’

16. ‘Summer Renaissance’

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