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Ari Lennox Goes Deep On New Album ‘age/sex/location’

Ari Lennox has released her sophomore album age/sex/location with guest appearances from Summer Walker, Chlöe and Lucky Daye.

Ari Lennox is back with new album age/sex/location. Featuring highlights from Lucky Daye (“Boy Bye”), Summer Walker (“Queen Space”) and Chlöe (“Leak It”,) the 12-track LP comes three years after Lennox’s full-length debut Shea Butter Baby.

Last week, Lennox announced the title of her sophomore album in an Instagram post, also explaining what it means to her.

“Transitional space. Very vulnerable codependent and validation seeking part of my life....I remember the countless times I was kicked out of dating apps because they didn’t think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn’t being myself in those chat rooms.”

In July, Lennox also spoke to VIBE in a rare interview about her emotional growth post-Shea Butter Baby.

“I think [on] Shea Butter Baby, I romanticize a lot of things in life,” Lennox said. “I feel like I was very naive about a lot of things about romance, about myself, about career, life, whatever, and I feel like I’m just more aware now, more evolved, [and] more, not putting up with certain s*** I don’t like.”

Before the release of age/sex/location, Lennox teased collaborations with Lucky Daye and Summer Walker, the latter who was featured on recent single “Queen Space,” which was also included on the Away Message EP.

On Thursday night (September 8), Lennox held an age/sex/location listening event in her hometown of Washington, D.C. On Friday and Sunday night, the vocalist will hold two additional events to support her new album in D.C. and New York City, respectively.

Listen to age/sex/location below:

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