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André 3000 Set To Be New Face For Supreme In New Campaign

Supreme revealed André 3000 as their new model on Instagram.

André 3000 is widely recognized as one of the greatest rapper of all time, but new music from the artist is few and far between. His rare verse on Kanye's "Life Of The Party" blew up social media, and he's been relatively quiet since. It seems that most of his recent endeavors are in acting. The former Outkast member is in the upcoming Noah Baumbach film White Noise, and was acclaimed for his role in 2018's High Life.

Now, Supreme has revealed that André dipping his toes in modeling. The brand posted a picture of 3000 in their clothing on Instagram. The photo was taken by Deana Lawson, and André wore a white Supreme t-shirt under a worn army jacket with pinstriped overalls.

The brand hasn't specified if the "So Fresh, So Clean" rapper will be involved in their upcoming Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Two days ago, they posted a picture of famed British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. "New Fall/Winter 2022 collection coming soon," the caption under that photo read. In the picture, Hamilton wore a leather jacket that costs $15K.

Despite being relatively musically inactive, André 3000 remains in high demand from his peers. Jack Harlow has been trying to manifest a collab with the rapper for a while. "I’m just gonna keep saying André 3000 with faith that it'll happen," he said when asked who his dream feature would be. Meanwhile, the newest music 3000 has given fans has been his work on Everything Everywhere All At Once. He didn't rap on the film's soundtrack, however; instead, he played flute on four of the songs.

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