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Alabama Police Department Disbanded After Police Officer Sends Racist Text Message

A police officer sent out a racist text prompting the Vincent, Alabama city council to dismantle its entire police department.

Imagine you’re a racist and your act of racism is so bad that you don’t just lose your job, but your entire place of employment gets disbanded. Seems far-fetched right?

Such was the case for a now-former police officer who sent a racist text that prompted the Vincent, Alabama city council to dismantle its entire police department, according to the Independent. Vincent, which is a small town about 35 miles east of Birmingham, has an estimated population of 2,000 residents.

You know the social tides are changing when racism in Alabama causes city officials to essentially say, “F**k the police!”

It’s unclear what the exact contents of the text sent by the Klan-ish cop were outside of the fact that it involved a pregnant enslaved person. But one doesn’t need to stretch their imagination much to speculate that it was a “joke” made at the expense of the humanity of Black people.

Whatever was in the text, it resulted in the Vincent City Council voting to fire the police chief, assistant police chief, and the officer responsible.

“We passed a resolution with intent to pass an ordinance to disband the police department,” Mayor James Latimore told,

So, now the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office will be handling police calls for the small city with roughly 2,000 residents while it presumably rebuilds its local police department.

“It doesn’t matter what color we are as long as we do right by people,” councilman Corey Abrams said during the council meeting. And obviously, racist cops aren’t likely to “do right” by any civilians who don’t possess the completion for protection.

It’s wild that with story after story after story about government employees losing their jobs over racist text messages, folks are still catching pink slips just because they can’t keep their Klan hoods under their hats at least during work hours.

But perhaps we should just be glad these fools keep exposing themselves. Fire them all.

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