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5 Hip-Hop & R&B Albums You Should Be Listening To (Week of 2/4)

Saba returns with Few Good Things and Ivy Sole shares Candid, both releases are introspective and essential listens. Let's also not forget, 2 Chainz' "last trap" album officially marks the end of an era.

A few indie rappers and artists are leveling up this week and have shared new albums. Saba for example, has presented Few Good Things, an expansive LP featuring sticky production and compelling storytelling combined with his distinct voice adds a refreshing layer to this week's releases. He enlists Krayzie Bone, Black Thought, Smino, Mereba, G Herbo, and others for the LP.

2 Chainz returns with Dope Don’t Sell Itself, and If you’re privy to his drops, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this album. Meanwhile, Yo Gotti shares 22 tracks on his latest instalment of Cocaine Music; CM10: Free Game.

Next up is Ivy Sole, who unveiled her album Candid earlier this week. It’s a vulnerable release featuring Topaz Jones, Bathe, and more. Eli Sostre is on tap this week and is an artist who never disappoints, his latest 566 is fulfilling and appeared to come out of nowhere, but we won’t complain. This week, up-and-coming artist BEAM also shares his debut album (Alien) with Jorja Smith, Justin Bieber, and a few acts to ice-off the finished product.

Keep scrolling to check out all the releases we’re tapped into this week.

2 Chainz – Dope Don’t Sell Itself

2 Chainz’ seventh studio album, Dope Don’t Sell Itself, finds the Drenchgod at an identity-bound impasse. He mostly abandons his message-driven endeavor and tries desperately to revert back to why he’s beloved: booming production, humorous bars galore and an affinity for connecting with younger stars no matter how much the sound of rap has changed. In attempting to recreate his peak, he offers some familiar flows but mostly unimpressive lyrics that lean more toward grown-up nursery rhymes than his catchy, skillful couplets of days past.

2 Chainz' last piece of work in the trap realm, Dope Don't Sell Itself weighs in at an underwhelming 6.8/10 on the WOP scale.


Ivy Sole – Candid

This is a solid return for Ivy Sole, pretty good production although ‘Chico’ was mastered way quieter than the rest of the album for some reason. Their singing can be a little hit or miss on this album but the content of the songs is pretty good and Ivy’s rap verses go fuckn HARD throughout the album. Ivy Sole is definitely worth a listen and I strongly recommend her EP from 2020 ‘SOUTHPAW’ to anyone reading this.

Ivy Sole's Candid weighs in at a top-heavy 8/10 on the WOP scale!


Saba – Few Good Things

Saba's new album, Few Good Things, shatters the thematic and sonic expectations set by its predecessor. It incorporates a dizzying mix of production styles including neo-soul, funk, and various Hip Hop subgenres with production responsibilities from daedaePIVOT and Daoud. Saba provides a transparent and comprehensive look at his life experiences. He allows room for both vaunted celebration and rueful mourning, exemplifying the duality of the human condition with measured balance. Both captivating and endearing, his reflective raps register as powerful and poignant at every turn, showcasing a storyteller at the peak of his abilities.

Few Good Things slides in at an impressive 7.8/10 on the WOP scale!


Yo Gotti – CM10: Free Game

More celebratory and victorious version of CM10 Side A. The beats are more similar to each other in the sense of atmosphere and vibe aswell as the lyrics and narratives. I felt like Yo Gotti was going for the sound of Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle, but didn't have as much substance and depth. And even though overall the tracklist is very coherent and every song sounds like it belongs here, there aren't any standout tracks, every song is on the same level of just enjoyable.

CM10: Free Game tags on the most pounds in this week's rollouts weighing in at 8.3/10 on the WOP scale!


BEAM – Alien

This week, the Miami rapper finally unveiled his long-awaited debut album Alien. Laced with 19-songs in total, BEAM showcases his versitility without compromising the cohesiveness of the new project. Jorja Smith, Justin Bieber, Landstrip Chip, Zacari, Valee, Vory, and more appear for the cameos, along with the previously released single "Anxiety"

Alien beams in at a 7.1/10 on the WOP scale!



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